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FieldPower® power bus system

Complete decentralised automation tasks the cost-efficient way
Feed in, distribute and bifurcate – with the modular FieldPower® system
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In all areas of automation, modularisation, less cabling and greater flexibility are what drive increasing decentralisation. Cabinets are designed to be more space-saving and efficient, or are done away with entirely. You should be able to rely 100% on your power bus system’s function and safety. It also has to be flexible in use and easy to extend to meet growing requirements.

The intelligent FieldPower® power bus system from Weidmüller can be precisely tailored to your requirements. The feed-in, extension, motor feeder and distributor functions are integrated in just one space-saving module. They can be expanded to include arbitrary functional units depending on the application. Thanks to the insulation displacement connection, FieldPower® is the world’s first system for direct installation with conventional, uncut round cables.

Its properties mean that FieldPower® is the economical solution in all applications where power is distributed over large distances.