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Discover the FieldPower®’s versatile types of application


With the FieldPower® product family, we are offering you a unique solution system for decentralised requirements. An extremely wide range of industrial zones benefit from the modular design and flexible potential uses of FieldPower® solutions in their applications.

Learn more about the potential uses and see for yourself just how flexible FieldPower® can be for your sector:


Contemporary cars should be intelligent, eco-friendly and efficient. The same applies to plants in global production facilities. As an experienced partner of the automotive industry, Weidmüller is synonymous with reliable solutions and outstanding quality. With FieldPower®, we are offering decentralised systems for:

  • Skid conveyors
  • “Power & Free installations”
  • Floor conveyors


Conveyor systems

The current challenges facing the logistics industry include growing customer requirements, projects aimed at cutting costs, increasing complexity, restructuring and expansion. Be sure that you have the ideal equipment to hand with our FieldPower® solutions for:

  • Container and pallet conveyor systems
  • High-bay warehouses
  • Freezer intralogistics
  • Package distribution systems
  • Cargo conveying systems
  • Luggage conveyors


Food and packaging industry

Diversity, speed and transparency are current market trends in the food and beverage industry. Increased demands are reflected in ever more flexible production processes. Our FieldPower® solutions are precisely tailored to the needs of this industry and have already proven their worth several times over in practical use, e.g. in applications such as:

  • Packaging machines
  • Materials handling


Wind power

In light of diminishing resources, renewable energy generation has become a critical economic factor in international business. Ever larger wind power installations serve the steadily growing energy needs both onshore and offshore. Weidmüller supports you in these challenges with solutions for:

  • Tower, nacelle and hub wiring
  • LED lighting and outlets
  • Emergency lighting systems


FieldPower® LED

FieldPower® Wind Energy

Based on our proven FieldPower® series, we have developed a complete lighting and power system specifically for wind power installations, which you can integrate into any application-specific system: FieldPower® Wind Energy.



Crane systems

By nature, crane systems are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, whether in industry or on construction sites. The low-wear and thus durable design is decisive in design and installation processes. The lighting system used should also meet these requirements. It must be robust and fail-safe, so as to guarantee a high level of availability and safe operation.



Industrial buildings

Application environments and especially factory buildings have to be equipped with emergency lighting which enables people to exit safely when the general lighting fails. As well as escape routes, other areas of relevance to safety and potentially hazardous areas, such as stairs, first aid posts, etc., should also be well-lit.




Ventilation control in building automation

Saving energy is key when planning, implementing and running buildings. Resources are put to optimum use and costs are cut considerably. Weidmüller accompanies you on this journey with intelligent building automation solutions.



FieldPower® MPB

In cooperation with BELIMO, the global market leader for drives in heating, ventilation and climate control systems, the FieldPower® installation base has been extended to include the MP bus.