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The modular principle

Project planning has to take a multitude of factors into account
We offer more than 5,000 possible combinations
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Design engineers and planners are faced with particular challenges when it comes to planning a system project. No two machines are the same and every customer has a different set of requirements.

With FrontCom® Vario, we are offering you a hitherto unequalled range of options for adapting your service interface to suit your individual requirements. For example, country-specific socket systems or different plug types such as RJ45, USB or D-sub that can be used to establish a connection to the systems in the cabinet. This also applies to any modifications and retrofitting work required during operation.
 Flexible in application: the modular FrontCom® Vario
Flexible in application: the modular FrontCom® Vario

The modular FrontCom® Vario service interface offers the perfect combination of single frame, communication and power inserts and the ideal insert plate for almost every configuration.


All in all, you can choose from more than 5,000 possible combinations.

Every FrontCom® Vario variant can be designed with a modular structure using the following components:


With the different frames, the FrontCom® Vario can adapt to different requirements and environmental conditions. Installation? It's child's play! If there is a suitable cut-out available in the housing or cabinet, all you have to do is position the pre-assembled frame and fix it in place with three screws.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for different data, signal or power inserts and simply lock them to the suitable insert plate.

There are different insert plates available for holding the inserts. They are set apart by different combinations of holders for power, data and signal inserts. Every variant is available with shielding as an option. For installation, the insert plates can simply be locked to the available frames.