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Photovoltaic connectors

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A photovoltaic system is only as good as its smallest components – starting with its connectors. After all, they do have to withstand a great deal: wind, sun and extreme temperature fluctuations. All of this for up to 25 years. In addition to meeting the highest standards, a connector should also be easy to handle.


With our photovoltaic connectors, you invest in a reliable operation and durability. Regardless of whether you are using the conventional crimp connector WM4 C or the innovative PV-Stick with PUSH IN technology, Weidmüller provides connectors that are extremely easy to handle and can be installed quickly.


By the low investment in our high-quality connectors, you can minimise the risk of plant downtimes many times over and thereby save money in the long term. Put your faith in an experienced partner and proven quality for even the smallest components.

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