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Weidmüller is a specialist in the cutting of copper or aluminium cables. The range of products extends from cutters for small cross-sections with direct force application right up to cutters for large diameters.


The mechanical drive and the specially designed cutter shape minimise the effort required. With its wide range of cutting products, Weidmüller meets all the criteria for professional cable processing.


Cutting tools


KT 8

The specially shaped cutting formations of our KT tools always ensure a smooth and straight cut without conductor deformations. Our KT tools, with their special cutting profiles made from high-quality materials, ensure a pinch-free cut for round or ribbon cables.


  •  Cutting without deformation of the conductor
  •  Not suitable for steel wire, steel-armoured cables, aluminium alloys and hard-drawn copper conductors!


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Cable cutter


KT 45R

The cable cutters require minimum hand force due to the optimum lever translation and technically advanced eccentric drive. They are suitable for pinch-free cutting of copper and aluminium conductors.


  • One-hand operation of the cable cutter possible without any problem
  • Release option in every cutting position
  • Not suitable for steel wire, steel-armoured cables, aluminium alloys and hard-drawn copper conductors!


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Notching tools



We provide you with special notching tools for notching of the Weidmüller W-series cable connectors.


  • For notching cross-connection types WQV 2.5 to WQV 35
  • For breaking out the cross-connection windows from the terminal carrier of the Weidmüller W-series cable connectors, WTR 2.5 disconnect terminal and WSI 6 fuse terminal


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Mounting rail cutter



The mounting rail cutters for manually cutting and punching DIN mounting rails ensure burr-free cutting without waste.


  • Wire stop mechanism (1000 mm) is included in delivery
  • Table-top device for installation on the workbench or similar workplaces


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Hydraulic sheet holes



Weidmüller punching tools should be your first choice for making cut-outs in your electrical cabinets. Millimetre-accurate holes for attaching metric and PG cable glands are stamped with the hydraulic sheet hole punch.


  • Overpressure valve protects against overloading
  • Cylinder head angled by 90°
  • Ergonomic handle springs back automatically
  • No longer any jamming of the waste piece thanks to the 3x division
  • Hydraulic punch made from high-strength aluminium (approx. 40 % weight saving)