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Power distribution

The secure and efficient way of distributing power


Safe power supply to equipment such as motors is decisive for the availability of plants and machines. The use of increasingly large wire cross-sections and restricted space in the panel is increasing the demands on modular terminal blocks and distribution blocks and posing new challenges for panel planners. Our comprehensive product range for power distribution ensures excellent flexibility, even in the planning stages.


Our range

Space-saving motor connection:

The unique, three-level design of the motor connection terminal blocks AMC make it possible to achieve a secure connection, even in a confined space. The pluggable, vertical cross-connection facilitates connection across the individual levels. In this way, the motor-connection terminal blocks represent a flexible and space-saving power distribution solution and can even be used as an alternative for potential distribution.

All-rounder for a better overview:

Our WPD X00 & X04-X09 distribution blocks are used in all situations where power is supplied and distributed. Their user-friendly design creates a better overview and enables rapid, efficient implementation of space-saving power distribution.

 Allrounder für mehr Überblick



  • Wide range of possible combinations
  • International approvals
  • Suitable for aluminium conductors

Space saving

  • Space saving design
  • Optimised design for easy handling
  • One component for many configurations

Time saving

  • Single feed-in, multiple distribution
  • Easy installation due to block solution
  • Step design for safe conductor connection


  1. Touch-safe acc. to EN 50274
  2. Short-circuit resistance to SCCR standard

Our promise


Rapid installation and flexible combination options with Klippon® Connect, for simple, space-saving installation and increased productivity in the construction of switchgear and panels. This makes the design of your power distribution system noticeably more efficient.