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Control voltage distribution

Safe supply to equipment in the panel


For power supplies to equipment in the panel, there is an increased risk of incorrect connections because of the large number of conductors.With our tailored potential distribution terminal blocks, you can construct complete and compact control voltage distribution systems very simply. This can be achieved on an individual basis, with and without fuse protection. The considerable space saving and reduced wiring means you can guarantee supply to your panel equipment simply and effectively.

Our range

Wiring complex control circuits:

The potential distribution terminal blocks AAP impress with their standardised design with two possible structures – alternating or grouped. The modular concept can be tailored individually to each machine type. Simple cross-connection options save space and installation time and prevent incorrect wiring.

Combined load monitoring and potential distribution:

maxGUARD is our unique modular system for control voltage distribution. The consistent design of the electronic load monitoring and potential distribution terminal blocks plus the simple cross-connection options save time and money.



  • Customised control voltage distribution both with and without fuse protection
  • Quickly expanded through two parallel cross-connection channels
  • Supply and distribution in one block

Space saving

  • Alternating construction for maximum wiring density
  • Plus and minus potentials on one terminal block
  • Up to six connection points per terminal block possible

Time saving

  • Quick wiring due to PUSH IN technology
  • Fast cross-connection of the main potentials
  • Simply unscrewing and opening of the fuse holder


  • Colour-coded pusher prevents misconnection
  • Standardised check and test point

Our promise


For complex wiring projects in confined spaces, we offer a future-oriented strategy for central potential distribution with direct wiring option for all the device's plus and minus potentials. This means that Klippon® Connect makes planning and implementing your control voltage distribution system considerably more productive.