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Current and voltage transformer wiring

Efficient implementation of testing and measurement switchgear


In energy monitoring, incorrect wiring can destroy current and voltage transformers. Our specially developed test-disconnect terminal blocks, in various connection technologies, are a safe way of solving this problem. Simple operation ensures error-free, convenient wiring. This guarantees the protection of your transformers and measuring devices and ensures safe, precise work. Our integrated terminal blocks, in modular design for transformer switches, also save space in the panel.


Our range

Simple operation to prevent errors:

With our test-disconnect terminal blocks, based on tested Weidmüller screw connection technology, connecting challenges can be resolved clearly and cost-effectively. The screws connecting the conductors are only accessible after the current transformer has been short-circuited using the short-circuit slider. This ensures safety as it prevents accidental short-circuiting or opening of the converter circuit.

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Screwless and simple:

Our test-disconnect terminal blocks with PUSH IN and tension clamp technology are the ideal solution to establishing switching circuits for measurement tasks. The simple operating system with a spring connection and the clear identification of the switch status, guarantee safe short-circuiting and disconnecting at all times.

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  • Reliable implementation of all standard transformer switching applications
  • Specially developed for all conceivable requirements

Time saving

  • Extensive range of accessories consisting of test adapters, cross-connections and markers
  • PUSH-IN technology for quick, safe wiring

Space saving

  • Modular setup of transformer switching thanks to test-disconnect terminal blocks 
  • Design of a simple current transformer test circuit with just two modular terminal blocks


  • Highest possible protection of measuring instruments against destruction by avoiding incorrect wiring
  • Safe protection of connected power converters thanks to integrated short-circuit contact
  • Simple, safe operation thanks to clear identification of switch status
  • Lockout to secure the relevant switching status

Our promise


The sophisticated features and proven connection technologies means Klippon® Connect solves testing and measurement issues more safely and efficient. Our extensive portfolio provides flexibility and productivity at all stages of the process.