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Motor connection terminal blocks AMC

The secure and efficient way of distributing power
Klippon® Connect provides the required flexibility


Increasing levels of automation call for many three-phase motors to be attached as efficiently as possible. Thereby, all wires of a three-phase motor need to connect to a single terminal block, which is also used for potential distribution.


The Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks AMC cut an impressive figure with their small design and the PUSH IN technology for the fast and safe wiring. Various marking options support distinctive marking.


Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks AMC allow each potential to be connected to one tier of the terminal block. This potential connection within the terminal block provides reliable potential distribution.

The unique, triple-deck design of the new Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks AMC allows for safe motor connection in the smallest of spaces







The pioneering solution for space-saving motor connection

The Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks AMC enable a potential connection which can be plugged directly into each tier. Thus, the terminal blocks can also provide potential distribution and represent a remarkable space saving solution for many fields of application.


Product advantages


Testing point on each tier

The terminal blocks allow the recording of control measurements on each tier directly through standard 2.0 mm test plug.

Optimal level connection

The terminal blocks enable an efficient potential distribution whenever multiple tiers are connected.

Applications up to 800 V

With its integrated end plate, the terminal blocks can handle applications of up to 800 V.

Time and space saving

Fast motor connection due to PUSH IN connection with an optional wiring of three potentials and a PE on the same terminal block on a width of just 5.1 mm.


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