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3-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology

Fast wiring – but safe
Klippon® Connect for optimum wiring in confined spaces


Panel builders need to consolidate multiple connections. With a growing complexity of applications, the number of necessary connections is constantly expanding therefore raising the importance of using the space optimally.


Weidmüller’s solution to this challenge are the Klippon® Connect 3-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection. In addition to their space saving design, the coloured pushers and clear marking guarantee secure and structured wiring.


By combining three potentials on a width of just 5.1 mm, Klippon® Connect 3-tier terminal offer an optimal solution to the current industry requirements.

The intelligent design and varied connection options make the Klippon® Connect 3-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology real all-rounders in an extremely wide range of industrial applications.





Test point on each tier

The integrated test point simplifies wiring tests and troubleshooting at every tier. The requisite measurements can be easily performed with a 2.0 mm test plug.



Product advantages


Efficient wiring

A terminal block is only 5.1 mm wide and can accommodate three potentials in order to save space. Cross connections on each tier permit a bridging of the potentials for shorter wiring time.

Simplified testing

The integrated test point on each tier allows for fast, straightforward testing procedures with standard testing plugs.

Professional marking

Various marking options support an unambiguous identification of each connection point.

Large variety

Due to the colour-coded design and the different connection functionality, the terminal blocks are suited to a wide range of specialised applications.

Safe and easy motor connection

Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks permit a fast and safe wiring of three-phase motors in confined spaces.


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