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Application range – DCS marshalling (AIO)

Clear wiring for high-density signalling levels
With Klippon® Connect in the smallest of spaces


With the current levels of automation, a large number of sensors monitor the production process. Modular terminal blocks are therefore particularly important for signal wiring.


Compared with conventional wiring solutions, the AIO initiator-actuator terminal blocks allow for high wiring densities with up to four different potentials on a width of just 3.5 mm. When combined with an I/O system, they ensure effective and safe potential distribution.


Our signal wiring solutions are geared towards future automation needs and are available in many different design types. The large number of variants allows you to benefit from maximum flexibility when it comes to designing the signal feed.

Klippon® Connect simplifies the structured wiring of initiator and actuator signals. Simple manipulation and maximum flexibility make signal wiring fast, efficient and safe.







Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions

Application-specific AIO initiator-actuator terminal blocks provide tailored and particularly compact solutions for wiring initiator and actuator signals with the input and output modules of a programmable logic controller (PLC).



Product advantages


Coloured pushers

Each conductor – positive, negative, signal or PE – has its own colour. Incorrect wiring is prevented, while installation and maintenance are made more efficient.

Check and test point

The different potentials can be tested at every contact point. Testing work in the panel is significantly sped up.

Many variants

Whether it’s for three- or four-conductor initiators or actuators with and without a protective earth connection, we’ve got the perfect terminal block in our range.

PUSH IN technology

Both rigid conductors and conductors with wire-end ferrules can be reliably connected directly and without the need for any tools. For maximum contact security in a minimum amount of time.


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