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Application range – Control voltage distribution (AAP)

Safe supply for consumers in the panel
Efficient control voltage distribution with AAP application solutions


In control circuits, electrical energy from the power supply is distributed to downstream consumers in the panel. In order to guarantee safe supply of power, a confusingly high number of conductors must be connected, which can lead to incorrect wiring.


Our AAP application solution provides for the simple and compact construction of complete control voltage distribution. It ensures effective control voltage for the equipment in the panel. The unique modular concept can be tailored individually to each machine type.


The potential distribution terminal impress with their standardised design with two possible structures – alternating or grouped. Simple cross-connection options save space and installation time and prevent incorrect wiring.

Control voltage distribution inside panels takes place in all branches of industry. The AAP application solution is universally applicable for direct and AC voltages from 0 to 230 V.







Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions

There are almost always recurring application fields inside panels. With this in mind, we have developed special solutions that improve productivity, efficiency and safety. AAP potential distribution terminal blocks are ideal components for surge current protection, central control voltage distribution and fusing with direct device wiring.


Product advantages


PUSH IN technology

Fast, safe and reliable direct connection of rigid conductors and conductors with wire-end ferrules – and there’s no need whatsoever for any special tools.

Two cross-connection channels

Thanks to the modular system, another terminal block can be attached and expanded using an additional cross-connection in the second crossconnection channel.

Clear contact assignment

The individual contact points are marked and numbered consecutively too. Maintenance and modification tasks are made a great deal easier.

Coloured pushers

The colours make distinguishing between the different potentials easy. Time-consuming and costly troubleshooting is prevented.

Structured block solution

The modular system can be combined with terminal blocks that have identical contours and standardised accessories to create a clear block solution.