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Double-tier feed-through modular terminals ZDK 2.5-2/4AN

Vibration and shock-resistant connections in trains
Reduce cabling to a minimum with ZDK 2.5-2/4AN

In trains all the control signals converge in a central control cabinet. Due to space restrictions, it is essential that cabling is both efficient and space-saving. To achieve a correspondingly high connection density, components must be exceptionally compact while ensuring easy and safe installation.
Our new two-tier modular feed-through terminal ZDK 2.5-2/4AN combines a compact design with highperformance, vibration and shock-resistant connections. The terminal's tension-clamp connection allows you to easily wire four connections on two levels, thereby creating even more space in the control cabinet.
Using the appropriate test adapter you can check that the connections are correctly assigned in no time at all. Our extensive labelling options are also a big help in this regard. You can rest assured that your cabling will provide safe and maintenance-free operation.
Efficient use of confined spaces - that's what counts with installations in traffic engineering. Robust terminal blocks such as the ZDK 2.5 to 2/4AN prove their resilience on a daily basis in rail carriages all over the world.









Compact design

Only 104 mm high, 62 mm deep and 5.1 mm wide - and yet ZDK 2.5 to 2/4AN can be connected to up to 8 wires.


Clear marking

With our harmonised marking system, you can label the ZDK 2.5 to 2/4AN in no time – for time savings during installation and operation of your system.

Product advantages


Simple cross connections

Distribute a potential across multiple terminal blocks simply, by equipping the desired connections with ZQV cross-connectors.

Large area marking

The cable entries per tier can be labelled with the DEK 5 standard marker. In addition, the SNAPMARK I can be used. The ZAD 1-4-2/GE is used to cover the power supply terminals.

Compact design

The special design of the ZDK 2.5 to 2/4AN allows high connection density on two tiers – for significant space savings in the control cabinet.

Testing the connections

With the test adapter, you can quickly verify that all wires are correctly connected. This prevents wiring errors and saves time later during maintenance.


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