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Powerful three-conductor installation with cross-sections of up to 6 mm²
PDL 6 S enables convenient and space-saving connectivity


When powering entire floors and parts of buildings or plants, conductor cross-sections measuring 4 mm² are no longer sufficient nowadays. Here, more powerful connection solutions, which are both space-saving and easy to install, are required.


Our modular terminals from the PDL 6 S family are characterised by a high current-carrying capacity and boast a compact design. Measuring just 116 mm long and 8 mm wide, and featuring extensive labelling possibilities, they are predestined for a multitude of different intended uses.


As our family of modular terminals for three-conductor installation has been consistently expanded to include “PUSH IN” direct connectivity, it now continuously covers various applications with the same connection technology.

You want to connect sub-distribution boards in industrial and administrative buildings, on ships or in machine controls. Our PDL 6 S family of modular terminals is the efficient connectivity solution to meet your needs. Let’s connect..

Product advantages


High current-carrying capacity

At 41 A, the PDL 6 S family currently has the highest current-carrying capacity of all modular terminals for three-conductor installation that are available on the market.

Creating cross-connections in spite of the compact design

The ZQV 6 enables cross-connections to other modular terminals of the PDL 6 S family.

Compact design

Save space in the cabinet: with up to four conductor connections and a one-sided protective earth connection in a 6 mm² modular terminal.

PDL 6 S enables convenient and space-saving connectivity

Simple cabling

Single and stranded wire conductors with wireend ferrules can now be connected quickly, easily and continuously using “PUSH IN” modular terminals featuring direct connectivity.