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WDK 10

Sophisticated power distribution in a set
WDK 10 feed-in and distribution terminals require up to 50 % less space


Conventional WDU modular terminals take up a lot of space in power distributions that are configured using linked modular control cabinets. The result: badly structured cabling that can prove to be a source of faults and cause unnecessary follow-up costs.


Our WDK 10 modular terminals for power supply and distribution, and the extension with protective earth and neutral terminals, can give you up to 50 %space savings when compared to conventional solutions.


The extension provides you with solutions for the entire pallet of power supply and distribution. You can also efficiently implement TN-S and TN-C-S networks in your systems.

You want to save space and costs for control cabinet layout and you value clever cabling. Our WDK 10 provides you with optimal connections. Let’s connect.

Product advantages


Simple handling

A clever solution for a transparent control configuration without crossing cables: delivery in complete sets makes installation easy and reduces installation costs.

Compact power distribution

Two consumers can be integrated in a highly compact manner using the double-level WDK 10 terminal.

Flexibility in TN networks

Transform TN-C networks very simply into TN-C-S networks by implementing PEN functionalities with standard cross-connections.

50 % space saving

The WDK 10 extension can give you up to 50 % space savings compared to conventional terminals – combined with noticeably reduced costs.

WDK 10 feed-in and distribution terminals require up to 50 % less space

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