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Modular connector – RockStar HDC IP65 EMC

Optimal protection against electric or electromagnetic fields
HDC IP65 EMC enclosure with above-average shielding properties


Protection against electrical and electromagnetic influences is essential in many industries to ensure fault-free operation. RockStar® HDC IP65 EMC enclosures can be used wherever optimal shielding with low transfer impedance is required. The labyrinth structure on the housing enables reliable data transmission, which reduces the risk of system failure and increases productivity.


The FPM sealing material permits RockStar® HDC IP65 EMC enclosures to be used indoors as well as outdoors. With only one type of enclosure, the number of storage items decreases significantly. The conductive and corrosion-resistant surface coating meets increased environmental requirements and lowers procurement costs.





  • Effective labyrinth structure for secure data transmission
  • Extremely reliable FPM seals for indoor and outdoor use
  • Internal O-ring seal for quick and easy installation

Effective labyrinth structure

Excellent shielding effect is achieved due to the unique labyrinth structure and the large contact area between the bulkhead mount and hoods.


Robust sealing material

The ozone- and UV-resistant sealing material FPM withstands an extended temperature range from –40 to +150 °C.


Corrosion-resistant, conductive surface

The unique surface finish makes the housing impact-resistant, electrically conductive and corrosion-resistant–even in seawater environments.