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Reliable and efficient power supply

A-Series A2C 35 High-current Terminal Blocks


The industrial environment requires more and more flexible and efficient wiring of power consumers, without compromising a consistently high level of process reliability. Our new A2C 35 high-current terminal blocks meet these requirements. The PUSH IN-Power connection and many other features enable safe and efficient wiring.


Your benefits

  • Pre-assembled feed-in blocks
  • Standardised testing point
  • Additional connection for emergency power supply
  • Available in a wide range of variants, including for the DIN rail, for direct mounting on mounting plates
  • Also available as pre-assembled blocks for different network systems


Product Features


Innovative PUSH IN-Power connection

With the innovative PUSH IN-Power connection, several compression springs ensure a safe, gastight, and vibration resistant connection of the wire. The mechanism provides high clamping forces with low operation forces for optimal operation.

Additional Connection

The additional connection enables a separate voltage tap. One possible use is as an emergency power supply upstream of the main switch. The lever mechanism enable toolless wiring of flexible conductors.

Efficient potential distribution

Step-down cross-connections allow a potential distribution to cross-sections of 10 mm² and 16 mm². Additional power distributions implement quickly into the control cabinet while avoiding unnecessary wiring.