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Custom Print Markers

Efficiently submit your custom print markers order


Web Instructions for Custom Print Markers


Weidmuller now offers a more efficient way to place custom print marker orders.  Using your version of our M-Print Pro® software or our free download, just fill out the markers you want printed and send the card as an email attachment along with your order details to your Authorized Weidmuller Distributor or designated Weidmuller contact.


The custom print marker variations offered by Weidmuller are all of those formats within our MultiCard family used to mark terminals, wires, and devices.  To download an Identification Systems Catalog , click here or select “Identification Systems Catalog” from the download files listed below.  We do not offer custom prints on thermal marker and/or heat-shrink technology.  Any symbol or character available in the standard version of M-Print Pro® can be printed by our custom print staff; however, we cannot support custom printing of photos, images, logos, etc. 


Instruction Shortcuts




IMPORTANT: Before sending your project file to Weidmuller, your project should be set up EXACTLY as you want it printed. Weidmuller will print your markers directly from the file you send without any edits, this is critical to be sure we do not corrupt or change your format. If we see something we believe you may want changed, you will be contacted and asked to check and change your copy of the file.  Once we have prompted you to make a change, we will ask you to submit the new version of your project referencing the original PO#. Any variation from this procedure is subject to an hourly design fee (minimum 1 hour at $20.00 list) in addition to the custom print charge (varies per marker type).