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Electronics: Analog Signal Conditioning

Catalog 4.1

0: Complete catalogue Download
A: Product overview – Analogue Signal Conditioning Download
B: Intrinsically safe signal conditioners for hazardous area applications Download
C: Signal converters in 6 mm width Download
D: Signal converters Download
E: Trip amplifier for monitoring AC/DC circuits Download
F: Indicators and configurable displays Download
G: Accessories Analogue Signal Conditioning Download
W: Technical appendix/Glossary Download
X: Index Download
Your signal processing demands extreme attention (7.8MB)  - Signal Conditioning Brochure Download
Programmable Signal Conditioning - WAVE TTA Flyer (347 KB) Download
ACT20P Bridge Isolated Strain Guage Converter Flyer (421 KB) Download
ACT20M Expansion  - More Analog Functionality in a 6mm Wide Package (848 KB) Download
Analog Action Sales Flyer (615 KB) Download
ACT20P-CMT Line of Analog Signal Conditioners (1MB) Download
ACT20P-PRO DCDC Flyer (345 KB) Download
Datasheets & Brochures
ACT20M Signal Isolation and Conversion (1.7 MB) Download
CSR - Current Sensing Relay (665 KB) Download
deciPak Signal Conditioner Summary (65 KB) Download
Isolated Digital Barriers -ACT20X Series (481 KB) Download
ITX Plus - Universal, Loop Powered, Isolated, Signal Converter (116 KB) Download
MC6 - Current Limiter (397 KB) Download
MC6 - Instrumentation Terminals for Current Loops (358 KB) Download
picoPak I/I Loop Isolator (163 KB) Download
picoPak LCCS AC Current Sensor (596 KB) Download
picoPak Potentiometer (644 KB) Download
QUICKbloc 16 Channel Universal I/O Module (588 KB) Download
RSHV-AC Interposing Relay with Leakage Current Immunity (86 KB) Download
Signal Isolation & Conversion -ACT20M Series (853 KB) Download
Strain Gauge Transmitter - ACT20P Bridge (170 KB) Download
Ultra SlimPak Signal Conditioner Summary (72 KB) Download
VM8 Fuse and Circuit Breaker Monitor (158 KB) Download
WAVE TTA - Universal Signal Transmitter & Trip Amplifier (251 KB) Download
WAVEPak DC/DC - Signal Isolator (242 KB) Download
WavePak Loop Splitter (262 KB) Download
Datasheets - Mann Series
Mann Series - AMS400A: Universal Auto/Manual Station (64 KB) Download
Mann Series - DFI / SFI: Auxiliary Powered Isolators (85 KB) Download
Mann Series - DI350: 3+ ½ Digit Indicator (69 KB) Download
Mann Series - DPA Series: Auxiliary Powered, Dual Setpoint, Alarms (160 KB) Download
Mann Series - LPD350: 3+ ½ Digit Loop Powered Indicator (61 KB) Download
Mann Series - LPD450: 3+ ½ Loop Powered Display (67 KB) Download
Mann Series - PMX400 Series: 4 Digit, Programmable Displays w/Alarms & Analog Output (99 KB) Download
Mann Series - PMX420 Series: Universal, 4 digit, Current/Voltage Display (328 KB) Download
Mann Series - Portacal 1000: Current/Voltage Instrument Calibrator (71 KB) Download
Mann Series - Portacal 275: Handheld Signal Source & Loop Calibrator (62 KB) Download
Mann Series - PTX Series: Panel Mount Totaliser/Counter (99 KB) Download
Mann Series - STG: Auxiliary Powered, Strain Gauge Conditioner (75 KB) Download
Mann Series - TWI Series: Loop Powered Isolators (82 KB) Download
Micromann Multiplus - Multi-Input Signal Converter/Displays (136 KB) Download
Micromann Universal - AR Series: Auxiliary Powered, Isolated, Signal Conditioner w/Alarm (99 KB) Download
Micromann Universal - R Series: Auxiliary Powered Alarms (107 KB) Download
Micromann Universal - UPI Series: Analog to Frequency Converters (82 KB) Download